Outdoor Luxury Hanging Chair: NIDO XL_Color: TAUPE / with taupe cushion (optional)

Nido XL: Luxury Hanging Chair

Nido XL: Luxury Hanging Chair

Outdoor Luxury Hanging Chair: NIDO XL
985,00 €

NIDO XL: Luxury Hanging Chair

This extraordinary piece of furniture was invented by a renowned Chilean artist living in Rio de Janeiro. This unique “soul swing” is constructed similarly to a bird’s nest and every individual Nido is the result of a harmony of artistic creativity and many hours of painstaking work. Depending on the material and model, this work of art is composed of between 900 and 1,500 metres of rope and includes up to 6,500 knots. Only a few, well trained specialists have mastered this complicated technique in which first-class craftsmanship and artistic expertise are indispensable. It is simply not possible to define the word CRAFTSMANSHIP any better and every Nido is thus a one-off and a work of art.


  • 100% JobekCord
  • Handmade by the exclusive producer and distributor of the patented Nido design across the world
  • approx. 125x125 cm / 30 kg
  • Height 175 cm
  • Max. load capacity 160 kg
  • 2 Structure colors available: Taupe + Brown  Antique
  • OPTIONAL: Weatherproof Sisal Cushion / 3 styles available: Taupe + Latte Macchiato + Cappucino 
Mais informação
Adequado para 1 a 2 Pessoas
ECO & ETHICS Sustentável, Fabrico Artesanal
≈ Medidas & Pesos 125x125 cm / Height / Altura: 175 cm
≈ Capacidade de Carga max. 160 kg
País de Origem Brasil
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