Cama de Rede c/ Mosquiteira (Impregnada) p/ Exterior: MOSKITO-TRAVELLER PRO

Moskito-Traveller PRO: Cama de Rede+ Mosquiteira (Impregnada) p/ Exterior

Moskito-Traveller PRO: Cama de Rede+ Mosquiteira (Impregnada) p/ Exterior

Cama de Rede com Rede Mosquiteira (Impregnada) para Exterior/Campismo: MOSKITO-TRAVELLER PRO
62,50 €

Impregnated hammock with mosquito net

MOSKITO-TRAVELLER PRO: Outdoor Parachute Hammock+Net

The material and mosquito net of the AMAZONAS MOSKITO-TRAVELLER PRO are impregnated with the insect repellent of TANATEX Chemicals. This impregnation provides lasting protection against flying insects such as mosquitoes and biting midges as well as against crawling insects such as ticks, ants, cockroaches and mites, which will not even sit on the material or the net.

Despite this the impregnation has been proven to be completely safe for humans. It is also kind to the skin, odourless, heat-resistant and washable (up to fifty washes).

The MOSKITO-TRAVELLER PRO is ultra-light, the pack dimensions are very small, and both sides can be used: with or without the net. But it is also extremely robust and can hold up to 150 kg.

You get in from the side by opening a zip. The net is kept away from the body using the cord enclosed.

Highest Quality

  • Additional safety through welded, sewn-in loops for hanging, and stronger hanging cords than those conventionally used.
  • The material is checked by an independent laboratory and is free of harmful AZO substances.
  • Approx. Lying surface: 220 x 140 cm
  • Approx. Total lenght: 350 cm
  • max. Load Capacity: 150 Kg
  • Ultralight weight: 0,6 kg
  • Coloration meets the stringent requirements of textile category I (skin tolerance)
  • Comes with an incorporated matching bag.

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≈ Medidas & Pesos Lying surface / Superfície utilizável: 220 x 140 cm // Total lenght / Comprimento total: 350 cm
≈ Capacidade de Carga max. 150 Kg
País de Origem Alemanha
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