Colour Changing LED Light Projector: MATHMOS/YANTOUCH JELLYWASH2

Mathmos JellyWash2: Projetor LED de Luz c/ cores alternadas

Mathmos JellyWash2: Projetor LED de Luz c/ cores alternadas

Projetor LED de Luz com cores alternadas: MATHMOS JELLYWASH2
122,00 €

Mathmos & Yantouch JellyWash2: Colour Changing Light Projector with Remote Control

JellyWash2 is a super-stylish full spectrum colour changing mood light projector that casts light directly on to your walls and ceiling. It is remote or touch controlled allowing you to scroll through and choose a colour, select colour changing mode, brighten and dim the colour effect and turn the light on and off.

With 16 million selectable colours and brightness combinations, plus amazing colour-phasing skills, all controlled by a slick touch panel surface and a remote control, the JellyWash2 Light Projector will add serious wow factor to any room.

This powerful & Hi-Tech luxury mood light is the result of an exciting collaboration between Mathmos and Yantouch.

Switched off, the Mathmos JellyWash2 Lamp has a sleek white top surface and a white underside 'tentacle' support.

Once illuminated, you can use the remote control or its touch-sensitive control panel surface to set it to 'flow mode' colour phasing or linger on your favourite colour, creating a sumptuous LED colour wash over nearby facing surfaces.

The Mathmos/Yantouch JellyWash2 can be dimmed for soft mood lighting when you're relaxing, or brightened for vivid party lighting effects when you're entertaining - with an almost infinite palette of cool LED colours to choose.

It's perfect for atmospheric mood lighting, ideal as a backdrop for intimate dining, striking as dynamic party lighting, and soothing for simply relaxing at home.

  • Approx. dimensions: 22cm Ø / Height: 13cm
  • Light: High quality Chip controlled LEDs
  • Power: Mains Power
  • Materials: ABS plastic, mirror coated remote control
  • CE certified for safety and quality
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≈ Medidas & Pesos 22cm Ø // Height / Altura: 13cm
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País de Origem Reino Unido
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