Luz LED Ambiente c/ cores alternadas: MATHMOS BLIMP

Mathmos Blimp: Luz LED Ambiente c/ cores alternadas

Mathmos Blimp: Luz LED Ambiente c/ cores alternadas

Luz LED Ambiente com cores alternadas: MATHMOS BLIMP
50,00 €

Mathmos Blimp: Glass Colour Changing Light

Blimp changes colour slowly and beautifully through the full colour spectrum. Made of mouth blown glass and high-quality LEDs, Blimp's beautiful light show is controlled by computer chip.

Push down gently on the lamp to activate the relaxing LED colours. Press and hold the Blimp to turn it off again.

Blimp add soothing glowing colour and a touch of chilled-out sophistication to any party or contemporary living space.  They look great on their own, even better in multiples, and they can be complimented with other similar Mathmos lights to create unique mood lighting arrangements.

  • Approx. dimensions > 14cm Ø / Height: 6cm / Weigth: 750g
  • Light: High quality chip controlled LEDs
  • Power: Mains Powered (PSU supplied)
  • Materials: Mouth Blown Glass
  • Color when turned off: White 
  • Smart and sturdy Mathmos packaging - makes an excellent gift
  • CE certified for safety and quality




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Adequado para -
≈ Medidas & Pesos 14cm Ø / Height / Altura: 6cm / Weigth / Peso: 750g
≈ Capacidade de Carga -
País de Origem Reino Unido
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