Cama de Rede com Stand para Bebé: KAYA NATURA+LEO STAND

Kaya Natura+Leo Stand: Cama de Rede com Stand para Bebé

Kaya Natura+Leo Stand: Cama de Rede com Stand para Bebé

Cama de Rede com Stand/Suporte para Bebé: KAYA NATURA+LEO STAND
169,00 €

KAYA NATURA+LEO STAND: Baby Hammock with Stand

The special cradle for especially sweet little darlings paired with a Kaya baby hammock from AMAZONAS,, it offers a perfect combination to gently and safely rock-a-bye baby to sleep.
The sturdy stand LEO is made of untreated, laminated sprucewood from sustainable European forests. Of course, the glue had been tested on harmful substances.

With Kaya natura, you can always be close to your baby virtually anywhere inside your home or in the garden and still have both hands free as Kaya natura can also be hung up in any door frame (with DOOR CLAMP-Sold separately) or individually.

Kaya natura provides all the advantages of a hammock, e.g. the softly curved back of the baby is protected and supported ergonomically. Babies are absolutely safe in Kaya natura, as the hammock is stretched securely and firmly over the frame and it is secured with eight stable Velcro® fasteners.

  • Age: 0 - 9 months
  • Hammock Lying Surface: approx. 88 x 63 cm
  • Stand dimensions: approx. 133 x 66 x 62 cm



Mais informação
Adequado para Bebé
ECO & ETHICS Sustentável
≈ Medidas & Pesos Hammock Lying surface / Cama de Rede - Superfície utilizável: 88 x 63 cm // Stand: 133 x 66 x 62 cm
≈ Capacidade de Carga Hammock - max. 15 kg
País de Origem Alemanha
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