Berço Suspenso para Bebé: KANGOO

Kangoo: Berço Suspenso para Bebé

Kangoo: Berço Suspenso para Bebé

Berço Suspenso para Bebé: KANGOO
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KANGOO: Baby Hanging Hammock

Kangoo is suspended at one single point above the hammock. Kangoo can be buttoned up at both ends so that the baby feels absolutely safe and snuggly; this makes Kangoo very similar to the womb and thus the ideal place for the baby to sleep in, as it is wrapped cuddly and softly but still noticeably and sway gently to and fro.
Kangoo can be suspended by means of "Doorclamp" or in stands such as our "Carrello Baby" or "Hippo" that are sold separately.

Inspected and tested in accordance with the European standard EN 1130-1.


  • Age: 0 - 9 months
  • Lying Surface: approx. 70 x 40 cm
  • Total Lenght: approx. 90 cm




Mais informação
Adequado para Bebé
≈ Medidas & Pesos Lying surface / Superfície utilizável: 70 x 40 cm // Total lenght / Comprimento total: 90 cm // Wood Bar Lenght / Comprimento da Barra: 48 cm
≈ Capacidade de Carga max. 15 kg
País de Origem Alemanha
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