Chapéu Guarda-Sol XL de exterior: FATBOY-FLOWERPOWERSOL RED

FlowerPowersol Red: Chapéu Guarda-Sol XL

FlowerPowersol Red: Chapéu Guarda-Sol XL

Chapéu Guarda-Sol XL de exterior: FATBOY-FLOWERPOWERSOL RED
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I am the Flowerpowersol Red :)

I’m all about sharing. Myself that is. I love having people under me for a little sunshading get together. Better yet, when it rains, I throw the sickest sheltering parties ever. Feel free to join and bring your friends, your friend’s friends and their friend’s friends. There’s enough of me for everybody. And thanks to my slender black base, I’ll be steady as a rock once I’m planted on the ground.

  • I'm an oversized bouquet of flowers over your head.
  • I'm covered in the red color of the famous Marimekko Unikko® pattern.
  • My Fatboy vane shows you where the wind is heading for.
  • Pull my iconic red line to hoist the parasol.


Fatboy pays respect to design by letting fashion icon Marimekko® use Fatboy as a three-dimensional canvas for their exciting prints. Marimekko® was founded in 1951 by Armi and Viljo Ratia in Finland and became a fashion icon in the 60’s. Now Fatboy stands out even more.

  • Water resistant fabric.
  • UV protected.
  • Frame of the parasol is made from clear powder coated aluminium.
  • Sold separately: Fatboy Stylish steel black base (This parasol does not have to be used with the Fatboy base. With a standard 3.8cm diameter pole the parasol will fit most bases. However, due to the extra large size of the parasol we recommend the use of a similar heavy base - the Fatboy base is approx. 25kg). 


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