Design Premiado - Vaso c/ Auto-Rega: EVA SOLO SELF-WATERING HERB POT - Cor: VIDRO FOSCO (Planta NÃO incluída)

Eva Solo Herb Pot: Vaso com Auto-Rega

Eva Solo Herb Pot: Vaso com Auto-Rega

Design Premiado - Vaso com Auto-Rega: EVA SOLO SELF-WATERING HERB POT
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Eva Solo Self-Watering Herb Pot: Vase

Make life easier for yourself and your plants

It is not uncommon to discover that our house plants and indoor herbs look a bit dried out. Either because we have been too busy, or because we have just forgotten to water them for a while. Fortunately it is sometimes possible to revive them. Other times we are forced to accept that we have not given the plants the care and attention they need.

This original and attractively designed herb pot is self-watering, and thereby gives the plants the water they require, as and when they need it.

In nature, plants draw up the water they need through their roots – when they need it. The same principle is behind this functional and self-watering herb pot, which consists of just two parts: On top a ceramic pot, and beneath it a glass container, which functions as  a water reservoir.

Water is drawn up through nylon threads which hang down from the bottom of the pot, like extensions of the plant’s own roots.

As long as there is water in the container, the plant looks after itself.

  • Repot your house plant in the ceramic pot and fill the herb pot’s glass container with water. The plant draws water up via the nylon wick and in this way is self-sufficient for about 7-10 days (depending on the type of plants)
  • When you are around, the transparent underpot lets you easily see when water is necessary.
  • The herb pot is available in two sizes (11 cm and 13 cm) and in the colours Frosted Glass, Dark Grey and Chalk White, and is thus perfect for house plants in your sitting room or herbs in your kitchen.

This self-watering herb pot has been designed by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk from the Tools design studio. The two designers designed a striking and functional planter vase for Eva Solo which has won them several international design awards.

Product awards:

-   Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA)

-   International Design Yearbook

-   Design Plus Award

-   Red Dot Award

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