Metalofone para Aura-Terapia: CHAKRA ENERGY -8 KEY (Comércio Justo)

Chakra Energy - 8 Key: Metalofone p/ Aura-Terapia

Chakra Energy - 8 Key: Metalofone p/ Aura-Terapia

Comércio Justo > Metalofone para Aura-Terapia: CHAKRA ENERGY -8 KEY
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Chakra Energy - 8 Key: Aura Chime

These Indonesian aura chimes have very powerful and pleasing pure sounds with long resonance and are used all over the world by yoga teachers, body workers, sound healers and meditation groups as well as by individuals dedicated to their own practice.

Very helpful as a way to start or end a meditation, as a grounding tool at the end of a massage treatment, or as a gentle way to bring students back after Shava-asana in yoga class.

Can be used as an alternative to sage smoke, to clear your body or your physical space from negative energies. It is a wonderful tool to use for transitions, to sound it when coming home from work in order to be fully present for your evening, or to use the sounds before going to sleep to cleanse your mind of thoughts in order to have a calmer sleep and dream time. Some people have the Chimes in a central part of their homes, and make sure to strike them whenever they walk by as a gentle reminder to stay centered and grounded.

Apart from their musical uses, Aura Chimes are used in Sound Therapy as a means of detecting and clearing blockages of energy. By striking the aura chime and running it over the body, a practitioner can detect areas of the body where the aura is wrong and where the energy is imbalanced.


  • 17cm (long) / 18cm (8th key side) / 11,5cm (1st key side)
  • Chime striker included.
  • Imported from Indonesia by a BAFTS recognized Fair Trade company.



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ECO & ETHICS Sustentável, Comércio Justo-Fair Trade
≈ Medidas & Pesos 17cm (long) / 18cm (8th key side) / 11,5cm (1st key side)
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País de Origem Indonésia
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