Puff XL de Exterior: FATBOY BUGGLE-UP - cor: Verde Lima

Fatboy Buggle-Up: Puff XL de Exterior

Fatboy Buggle-Up: Puff XL de Exterior

Pufe/Puff XL de Exterior/Jardim: FATBOY BUGGLE-UP
328,00 €


I'm the Buggle-Up :)

 I’m on a boat. Wait, no, I’m in the back of your car. Oh look, I’m on your roof terrace. I’m in the garden, at the beach, in your living room. I’m in your basement? I’m everywhere you want me to be. Because I can handle any situation, thanks to my rain stain and UV protective coat. Show me how far you can take your outdoorsiness. Or not.

  • I'm available in 14 colors.
  • Pick me up and carry me around.
  • I'm very suitable for outdoor use.


The Fatboy® Buggle-up is a versatile extra-large bean bag. The improved design of the Buggleup has adjustable straps allowing it to simply mold itself to your desired position. The Buggleup makes it possible for a duo to lounge when the bean bag is placed in a horizontal position. A ‘solo lounge’ is possible when the Buggle-up is interconnected vertically with the straps. Relaxing with friends? You can create an oversized lounge pillow by disconnecting the Buggleup from its straps. Thanks to the UV resistant layer the Buggle-up and you can enjoy the sun together without losing its unique color. Play with the straps and the Buggle-up takes on your favorite position, in every thinkable location. The Buggle-up is available in an exuberant color palette of 14 different variations.

  • Polyester with coating inside.
  • 2 side straps (buggle ups) to create a chill out /great seating position.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Dirt and moisture repellent - easy to clean.
  • Extremely durable.


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