Cama de Rede c/ Stand+Almofada: FATBOY-HEADDEMOCK - Verde Lima

Headdemock: Cama de Rede c/ Stand + Almofada (opcional)

Headdemock: Cama de Rede c/ Stand + Almofada (opcional)

Cama de Rede com Stand/Suporte e Almofada Removível (opcional) -para Interior/Exterior: FATBOY-HEADDEMOCK
468,00 €


I am the Headdemock :)

Forget about fancy spas, incense sticks or easy listening music. You haven’t felt truly relaxed until you’ve hung out with me.

My smooth fabric and sturdy support frame guarantees that nothing besides a bird with a bad stomach will disturb us. Take one swing on me and you’ll feel like you’re sipping a coconut on a sunny beach in Hawaii listening to the ukulele. Swing hard enough, and you actually will be.

  • I have enough room for one, two or three people!
  • I am available in 14 colors
  • I offer extreme luxurious comfort (with optional: Removable Fatboy Pillow)
  • Float like a feather on my sturdy support metal frame


The Fatboy Headdemock+Pillow, created by Finnish designer Jukka Setl, invites you to get comfy and lounge around, cocktail in hand, on a lazy summer evening. Made from highly durable nylon with a special coating, the Headdemock is not only easy to clean but is also incredibly durable. The included metal tubing base means you can put your Headdemock anywhere you want to kick back and relax (no trees required - yes city dwellers, you too can have the luxury of a hammock!) 

  • Supplied with sturdy metal frame
  • Easy to transport with its accompanying carrier bag
  • Dimensions: 330 x 135 x 110 cm
  • Can carry up to 200kg
  • Water-repellent & Dirt-resistant


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Adequado para 2 Pessoas
≈ Medidas & Pesos 330 x 135 x 110 cm
≈ Capacidade de Carga max. 200 Kg
País de Origem Holanda
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