Candeeiro LED Portátil para Exterior: FATBOY EDISON THE PETIT

Edison the Petit: Candeeiro Portátil para Exterior

Edison the Petit: Candeeiro Portátil para Exterior

Iluminação/Candeeiro LED Portátil para Exterior & Interior: FATBOY EDISON THE PETIT
75,00 €

The mini-edition of Edison The Grand. Petit is an innovator; this new-fashioned lamp is rechargeable, wireless and portable, providing hours upon hours of ‘enlightenment’. Edison The Petit also uses LED technology and, just like Edison The Grand, has three settings with which this authentic lamp provides the right lighting for every occasion.
A modern homage to the classic lamp that is petit, but large in design as the little sibling is wireless, which comes in handy. Use Edison The Petit as a cosy beside lamp , a practical reading light in the living room or as a handy desk lamp in the office. Pull the iconic Fatboy logo and Edison The Petit will shine its light on you. Bring along Edison The Petit to the garden, a picnic in the park at sunset or create a home away from home at the camp site. 

• You can bring it everywhere you want: Indoor & Outdoor

• Integrated LED technology / Energy efficient

• lights up from head to toe in 3 different shades of light

• Glows for 6 hours when you put it on highest light power, and +- 24 hours on the lowest

• Fully recharges in 3 hours

• Made of robust material (Polyethylene)

• Battery and charger included

• USB chargeable

• Splash resistant

• Care: Dirty- and moisture repellent, easy cleaning with lukewarm water and neutral soap.

The Edison Collection is a tribute to the inventor of the electric light bulb (1879 , Thomas Edison).

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