2x Tochas Flutuantes de Exterior em Aço Inox: BLOMUS BOLA SET

Blomus Bola Set: 2x Tochas Flutuantes Aço

Blomus Bola Set: 2x Tochas Flutuantes Aço

2x Tochas Flutuantes de Exterior em Aço Inox: BLOMUS FOREO SET
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Blomus Bola Set: 2x Inox Steel Floating Torchs

Fire has the ancestral relaxing power to draw the observer into it and out of ordinary space and time.

Elemental Elegance:

These Stainless Steel hemispheres give off a gentle flame: For enlightening moments.

Designed with elegance in mind the Blomus floating torchs embellish any pool, lake, garden, terrace or balcony all year round.

The spherical flare may simply be placed in the garden pond and disseminated as a pleasant light on the water.

 Putting the torchs to the included ring bases, they can be used on the terrace.

The stainless steel construction is sturdy for outdoor use and brings the finishing touch to outdoor parties whether formal or informal.

  • Set including 2 (steel) floating torchs + 2 (plastic) ring bases.
  • Made of stainless Steel for both durability and style.
  • The torchs are powered by oil lamp (not included).
  • The closing mechanism is in accordance with the European Norm EN 14059 and prevents small children from accessing the wick and oil.
  • Impregnated glass fiber wick.
  • Estimated burn time: up to 10 hours.


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ECO & ETHICS Reciclável
≈ Medidas & Pesos 1 un. = ø 17 cm / h: 17,5 cm / v: 500 ml
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