2em1 > Cama de Rede p/ Criança & Tapete p/ Bebé - Algodão Biológico: ANIMUNDO AFRICA

Animundo Africa: 2em1 > Cama de Rede p/ Criança & Tapete p/ Bebé (Algodão Biológico)

Animundo Africa: 2em1 > Cama de Rede p/ Criança & Tapete p/ Bebé (Algodão Biológico)

2em1 > Cama de Rede Acolchoada para Criança & Tapete para Bebé - Algodão Biológico: ANIMUNDO AFRICA
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ANIMUNDO AFRICA: 2in1 -Organic Hammock for Kids+Play Blanket

With Animundo, a padded warm and cosy organic hammock for children, La Siesta mirrors the manifold animal kingdoms of all continents. This hammock of the Animundo line focuses on Africa and the animals roaming the savannah. One speciality of Animundo is the fact that it doubles as a blanket for infants and toddlers, enabling them to discover Africa all on their own.

In Animundi, children find the calm protection they need for playing and dreaming. Soft swinging stimulates the sense of balance, thus playfully promoting your child’s development.


  • Hammock usage is suitable for children onwards 3 years
  • 100 % hard-wearing and fuzz-free cotton from organic cotton production: complies with EU regulation EEC 834/2007
  • Filling: 100 % polyester; Suspension: 100 % polyester
  • Closed suspension for extra safety
  • Recommended by the BAG (German Fed. Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise)
  • Total lenght: 210 cm (Required minimum distance: 150 cm)
  • Fabric width: 130 cm
  • Carrying capacity: max. 80 kg


Developed in co-operation with the BAG:

This product was developed in cooperation with the German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise (BAG) in Wiesbaden. It is optimised for the special needs of children of the age of 3 and older.


Mais informação
Adequado para 2 Crianças
ECO & ETHICS Sustentável, Biológico
≈ Medidas & Pesos Total lenght/Comprimento total: 210 cm // Fabric width/Largura do tecido: 130 cm
≈ Capacidade de Carga max. 80 kg
País de Origem Índia
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