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Mathmos Fireflow O1 Pink: Castiçal / Candeeiro de Lava (p/ vela tealight)

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Castiçal/Candeeiro de Lava para vela pequena/tealight: MATHMOS FIREFLOW O1 PINK

Castiçal/Candeeiro de Lava p/ vela pequena/tealight: MATHMOS FIREFLOW O1 PINK


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  • Castiçal/Candeeiro de Lava p/ vela pequena/tealight: MATHMOS FIREFLOW O1 PINK
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Descrição do Produto:

Mathmos Fireflow O1 Pink: Tea Light Lava Lamp Candle Holder

Fireflow O1 is a candle holder and also a completely new type of lava lamp. The Blue/Turquoise lava bottle is suspended within a mouth blown glass tube which in turn sits on a simple cast metal base containing the tea light candle. The design makes visible the physics that enables the heat given by a tea light to create the mesmerising relaxing movement of the lava liquids. 

The Fireflow O1's base and lid are made from cast zinc alloy with a stylish pearl chrome finish.

Simply light the tea light candle (included) and watch Mathmos's hypnotic goo gradually come to life.  Fireflow O1 can safely be used for around 3 hours at a time - the average burn time for a tealight candle.

These innovative and iconic little mood lights will create a cool, funky and relaxing atmosphere in living rooms, contemporary offices, bedrooms and party spaces.  They're ideal for desks, coffee tables, dining tables or any surface in need of trendy decoration.

Mathmos Fireflow O1 lava lamps are available in 3 colour schemes: Blue(Turquoise), Pink and Green.

Every lava bottle is filled by hand with the unique Mathmos formula. This gives Mathmos lamps the best shape lava formations, the clearest liquids and the longest bottle life. Each product is individually inspected and tested to ensure that a Mathmos tea light lava lamp is the best quality in the world.

  • Approx. dimensions: 10,5cm Ø / Height: 27cm
  • Light & Power: Tea light (Included)
  • Materials: Cast zinc alloy base and cap with pearl chrome finish. Glass bottle, Mathmos lava formula
  • CE certified for safety and quality


Informação Adicional & Especificações:

ECO - ETHICatalog: -
País de Origem: Reino Unido
Artista / Designer: -
Fabricante / Marca: Mathmos
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Capacidade de Carga: -
(Aprox.) Peso do Produto: 1,4Kg
(Aprox.) Medidas: 10,5cm Ø // Height / Altura: 27cm
Vídeo: -
Prazo de Entrega Estimado: Sob Consulta